Adventure CV

Richard McEnery was bought up in the Spanish mountains from the Age of 1 to 16 were he then went on to join the British Royal Marine Commandos.

During his time in the Marines he managed to achieve:

  • British Military record for the 1.5 Mile test

  • Represent the British Royal Marines Football team around the world

  • Become one of the youngest Alpine Ski Instructors aswell as a Cross Country Skii Intructors in the UK

On leaving the Royal Marines Richard played Semi-Professional football and also competed in sprint triathlons along with multisport racing. Qualifiying for the world championship in both categories.

Richard has also led 3 expeditions so far, one of them earning him 2x World Records. The World Record was for taking aspiring mountain guides across Iceland unssuported.

Now as a Supporter/Ambassador for WWF he has set himself a tally of goals to complete in 2018 and 2019. This includes writting 2 books. One about the Drakensberg Traverse and how to cross this and with what equipment and a similar book about The Snowman trek in Bhutan. Known as the Hardest trek in the world.

This is the beggining of his Adventure career and World record setting. So he is currently looking for brands to support him with their equipment not financially. Richard has already secured large financial support from the UK and US aswell as logistical support from WWF.

Whats ahead:

  • August 2018 - First person to Cross Liuwa Plain in Zambia unsupported (this will be documented by a British Videographer and photographer)

  • September 2018 - 6x Guinness world record attempt to cross from Norway to Scotland in rowing boat

  • November 2018 - 2x Guinness World Record attempt to be the first person to kayak from Maputo to Durban

  • January 2019 - The Drakensberg Gran Traverse (writing a book on this trail)

  • March 2019 - 2x World records for SUPing across the Loch Ness

  • September 2019 - The Snowman Trek in Bhutan, the hardest trek in the world due to is altitude and duration (30 days Approx) Writing a book about this trail